Relationship and Marriage


Many couples face challenges that can make them feel hopeless or disappointed about their relationship. These feelings can lead to low-self esteem, anger, grudge or guilt. Talking about what makes them feel the way they do helps lessen sorrow, identify factors that causes the problems, eliminate distress and offers solutions to the problems they experience. However, very often partners have difficulty with communication. They might feel as if talking about their problems can lead to argument. On the other hand, if challenges are left unsolved, the tension between the couples will increase and it can lead to long-term damages.

It is only when couples are willing to identify issues, they overcome problems they have, minimize distress and save the relationship. Premarital or marriage counselling can help couples overcome repetitive arguments. Therapy helps individuals gain skills to deal with problems and resolve them. Within therapy, partners learn to express themselves in a constructive way. Developing better communication skills in relationship and marriage will help increase intimacy, strength, confidence for both partners and help overcome relationship problems.

Suitable Services

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