Many of us experience feelings of loneliness at some point in our lives. We long for the social interaction and bonding that make us feel like we belong.

One can feel lonely even when they are surrounded with friends or family, that is because the number of people around us won’t determine the level of loneliness one feels, it is all about the quality and content of the relationships we have with other people.

Therapy can help the individual improve social skills and help maintain quality relationships. It is not always the easiest thing to open up to people, especially if one feels anxious to start conversations, have trust issues or feel insecure.

Once the individual opens up to therapist about how they feel, therapist will identify the problematic areas in individuals life that causes them to feel lonely, change maladaptive patterns of thought and behaviours and will help them approach new relationships with more confident, positive outlook.

Suitable Services

Counselling        Group Therapy        Walk and Talk Therapy