Children With Special Needs


Children with special needs is an umbrella term that is used for children who might have learning difficulties, cognitive impairments, disabilities, psychological or psychiatric problems or a serious illness, that requires a special care.

It is not easy for a child to go through their life challenges alone and feel like they are alone in this. Many parents experience stress because of this and need extra help because they don’t fully understand what their child might need.

Therapy can help overcome their life challenges, by figuring out the essentials that the child needs. It could be anything from a professional emotional support or a special technique that they need to learn from their therapist.

In addition, therapist will help set up goals for them, help them explore what makes them feel good, ease and solve their emotional, behavioral and psychological challenges and help them be independent individuals despite all of the challenges.

Suitable Services

Counselling        Child Therapy        Psychotherapy