Anxiety and Phobia



When we are exposed to stressful situations, we tend to worry and fear.

Anxiety on the other hand, is a chronic emotional disorder. It is characterized by excessive long-lasting worry and anxiety about certain situations such as exams, work related issues, family issues, money issues, socializing or any unexpected/unknown situations.

Suffering from anxiety will not only have a negative impact on individuals psychological health, it will also damage their physical health. Stomach cramps, migraines and muscle tension are just few physical symptoms caused by experiencing anxiety.

According to research, therapy is the most effective option. Since anxiety is provoked by negative thoughts, such as; I won’t be successful no matter how hard I try or I can never get out of this horrible situation, therapy can help control individuals anxiety levels by stopping negative thoughts and replacing them with realistic positive thoughts.

Within Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, therapist will help the individual unlock the underlying causes of their anxiety. The second step involves identifying these negative thoughts, presenting the patient with a new perspective and teaching them how to feel at ease. Lastly, therapist will replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts such as; I can achieve my goals or It is not the end of the world If I fail at an exam, and present the patient with better problem solving skills.


We are all scared of something. It is normal to experience fear when we are faced with a dangerous situation. However, when these fears become so excessive, present when there is no actual danger and cause so much anxiety, they are known to be phobias.

Phobias are caused by intense fear of a specific place, specific sounds, animals or objects. In some cases, they can increase to become something so scary that the person tries their best way to avoid it. For example, if a person is scared of heights, they will avoid exploring different countries, catching up with relatives who live far away or dismiss job opportunities that require plane journeys.

On the bright side, phobias are treatable. Therapist will help identity the causes of fear and anxiety, then follow specific methods to lessen the fear to the point where phobia no longer exists.

Suitable Services

CBT        Mindfulness        Group Therapy        Psychotherapy