Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Alcohol Abuse

Many individuals have hard time controlling the amount of drinks they consume at some point in their lives.

In some cases where you start feeling as if you can’t control how much you drink, miss out on your daily responsibilities, can’t engage in activities that were once entertaining and healthy for you and feel as if you have to drink in order to get on with your life, you might consider treatment for alcoholism.

Treatment will help the individual with cravings, behavioral and emotional problems and the distress caused by alcohol withdrawal. Many individuals benefit so much from therapy and manage to stop their struggle with alcohol once and for all.

Drug Abuse

For many people recovering from an addiction is tough. However, the hardest and the most important step towards the recovery is acknowledging that you are struggling and that you need help. The second most important step is to seek a professional help.

Therapy will help you deal with stress that comes with ending an addiction. In addition, it will help prevent occasional relapse, teach strategies to deal with cravings, boost your self-esteem and end the compulsive drug use.

Within each session, individual will gain insight into what makes them use that choice of drug, gain motivation to recover, learn how they can control cravings and overcome their addiction once in for all.

Suitable Services

Counselling        Group Therapy        CBT        Mindfulness

Walk and Talk Therapy        Psychotherapy