Becoming a parent: How to keep calm with a newborn


Welcoming a new born is one of the greatest joys of all. You don’t realise until the day you welcome them how much a simple look in the eye means. They will warm your heart.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you with your transition into parenthood.

Help yourself adjust to demands

Even if you have people around that can help you, you will be alone with your baby at some point.  Be prepared to engage in your role as a parent. Be active from day one and accept the challenges as early as you can.

Be present

Whatever you think you have to do, such as doing the dishes or cleaning the house, can wait. Being present for your baby is most important thing for you and your baby. Enjoy the time you spend with your newborn! They grow up so fast!

You might end up having to skip a hot meal or two, having sleepless nights or run around the house all sweaty in order to keep up with your newborns demands. So be prepared to have limited time for yourself and for tasks you need to do. Get sleep when you get the chance, quickly clean babies room. Take time for yourself when your baby goes to sleep. Take a nice shower, eat a nice warm meal and be sure to pamper yourself. If you feel exhausted or overwhelmed; let your partner take over. Taking a breather will help you so much! 

Everyday will be different until you and your baby form a schedule. One day you will wake up feeling alright, one day you are gonna wake up completely drained! But don’t worry, it all gets easier along the way. Soon you will be able to develop a schedule and routine, and prediction will take the uncertainty away. 

Socialising and contact

Your newborn will expect to be held by the caregiver and crave skin to skin contact. They need to be with you the most and they should never be left on their own. They are wired to play from birth. Play with them, sing to them, read to them and be there for them; these are the only way for them to develop social skills and self control. 

Newborns are also born ready for socialising with other members of the family and  friends. Just make sure their hands are all clean and the mother is nearby!

Learn crucial comforting techniques to sooth your baby and learn them before your baby arrives. Techniques such as swaddling, offering pacifier, singing, swinging will be needed from day one. Search online how they can help newborns and try them out to see what works for you and your baby. 

Preparation is the key

Have things ready and under control. Make a baby bag full of diapers wipes and all other essentials so when you have to leave you don’t run have to run around the house all stressed out. 

Being prepared will help you have a more rewarding experience as a parent. And remember, one of the best feelings in the world is knowing that your presence and absence both mean something to someone. You are lucky to experience it to the fullest!

Silan Aktas