Game Addiction: What It Does to You


Sometimes we all long for getting away from responsibilities, troubles and just feel at peace. That is when playing video games seems like the perfect escape! They are designed to bring exiting, colourful and rewarding elements together to create an atmosphere that is both accessible and controllable. It might also give the player the elements that are lacking in their real life, such as success, rewards, excitements and the sense of having a real purpose.

Keeps you coming back

Majority of the games are designed to encourage the player to get better and stronger by demanding the player to spend more time playing. Once the player tastes experiences such as that they can never die in the game or fail like they would in real life, they keep coming back to feel this high. It might seem like this is just a game, but the players actually feel good in real life.

Your brain on games

Once they accomplish quests, solve puzzles or gain experience points, the brain releases dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for brains pleasure and reward systems. This is where the addiction comes into play.

There are withdrawals symptoms

As the game makes the individual feel good in real life, the player will want to play more and more. Not playing simply wouldn’t work, as the player will have to deal with negative withdrawal symptoms. Thus the player will find themselves going back to gaming again and again to feel the relief.

Now that you know…

Just like any addiction, game addiction must be taken care of by a trained professional. Therapy will help you see playing video games as a fun way to spend time rather than as the focus of your life. It will also help you see the good in your life, give you the encouragement, joy and motivation to keep pushing. In sessions, your therapist will help you figure out the logic behind playing video games so much. It could be due to many things that are simply waiting to be understood. It is best to give it a try and see what happens!

“Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.”J.K. Rowling

Silan Aktas