Long Distance Relationships: How to Make it Work!

Whether it is due to your partners job, education or living situation, having to carry a long distance relationship can be hard. Good news is that we have good tips and tricks that can help both you and your partners to maintain and enjoy this relationship! So why not make the most of it ?

Don’t forget to set the ground rules

If you want to maintain a successful long distance relationship, there must be some rules and agreements. These can be about how often you two are going to communicate with each other, or which topics are necessary to discuss with each other. Whatever it might be, make sure you make it clear from the beginning, so you don’t end up in an unwanted situation with your partner. We wan’t to avoid conflict as much as possible! So make it clear what you expect from each other.

Visit each other whenever possible

Being away from your partner can make you miss them even more. It makes them seem so valuable, thus the thought of being together seem so precious. Meeting them after such a long break, can be like falling in love with them again and again. This is why making the effort to see your partner and to cherish these feelings are vital for your relationship. It will fill them with love, excitement and give them memories to miss and think about. When you two meet, leave them with something that reminds them of you; it could be your belonging or something as simple as as your key chain. Mementos can be powerful!

Do similar things together

Compensate for distance by doing things together. Pick a movie, tv program or a documentary together and watch it at the same time. You could also play online games or do your daily walk while talking on the phone. Another thing you might do can be picking a time and date to have a dinner together during a video call. Engaging in similar experiences will enhance shared experiences which will decrease the feelings distance!

Be creative!

Find what excites them and make an effort to make it happen. It could be buying something they love online and posting it to their address, or writing them a love letter. Sending them something that once has physically contact with can increase sentimental feelings, excitement and love.

Alternatively, you could make a surprise by finding a restaurant that serves their favourite food and order it to their door with a cute love note! When your partner sees your effort, they will be the happiest! It will bring you two close on an emotional level even though you are far away from each other!

All of these tips will certainly help you and your partner have a healthy long distance relationship! Just remember that when it comes to relationships, the importance of shared experiences about quality not quantity. Thus, try and make the other person feel special by using these tips!. And remember, the most important thing in any kind of relationship is trust, so do make sure that you partner is always in comfort with what you are doing, where you are and who you are with. The clearer the better!

Lastly, do not take the distance for granted. Thinking ‘oh I can get away with that small thing’ can lead to an unwanted consequence that you might regret later on. A broken heart is hardest to fix, so stay truthful to your partner and to yourself!

Silan Aktas